Friday, July 14, 2017

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers -- No Glory

I had a babysitter growing up who was many wonderful and amazing things! My sister and I are also pretty sure she was on a low-key mission to convert us to Christianity. She made us say grace at meals -- my sister swears she made us thank Jesus for our food, but I don't remember this at all. (I still give a little thanks before eating, however.) But if Mom was home the grace didn't happen. She also blasted contemporary gospel music throughout the day. I'm fairly certain this is where my love for countrycana roots or whatever we're calling it these days comes from. So The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, with their soaring arrangements and country rock flavoring is right up my alley.

Having just read No Depression's excellent profile of Sister Rosetta Tharpe (a long read but a worthy one), it's easy to see her influence here. Like their forebear, the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers consciously tow the line between the sacred and secular. It's a rewarding combination. Whether you're a believer or not, these songs will touch all of the sacred places in your heart.

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