Monday, August 28, 2017

Music Roundup 8/29!

1. "A Chance to Fly" by Scott Jackson is a warm song that suggests that, even though it's off of Jackson's debut album, this isn't his first rodeo by a long shot.

2. John Dominy's "Bootstraps" reminds me of the background music for Jim and Kim's in Dream Daddy. But more importantly, it's got a slinkiness that makes the twang extra mellow.

3. Deborah Henriksson's "Summer Roads" showcases her angelic voice and earthy songwriter.

4. Hearty Har's off-kilter "Creation Frustration" is something I relate to all too well.

5. Deelanz's "Fire Starter" is a banger, pure and simple.

6. "The Lowdown" by Warbly Jets updates 80s cock rock by keeping the attitude and swagger and tossing the extravagance.

7. James Holt's "Whatever Happened to John?" takes us back to the exuberance of the singer-songwriters of the 60s "rediscovering" blues and rockabilly.

8. Telamor's "Flash" pulls us back to the 70s with this blistering track.

9. Henry Jamison's "The Wilds" is a truly unique ballad that does credit to his ancestors George Root (who wrote "Battle Hymn of the Public") and John Gower (Geoffrey Chaucer's pal.)

10. Jakob Davys' "Don't need you anymore" is mellow, contemplative and makes these feelings okay.

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