Monday, August 14, 2017

Kyle Lacy and the Harlem River Noise -- Currents

Things have been pretty heavy lately, so if you need a break (and they're important!) Kyle Lacy and the Harlem River Noise might just be a cure for what ails ya, at least temporarily. The band's breezy retro rock smacks of a refined rockabilly. Currents is a breezy stroll through (or lindy hop) through Saturday nights of yore. It's a clean nostalgia that in its way reminds us that we've been here before: the ragers, the heartbreak, the torrid affairs. It looks and sounds a little different now, but it's the same: we're not alone in any of these life experiences -- it's just being human.

With Lacy's sprightly vocals -- JD McPherson should look over his shoulder -- and the band packing the album into a two-day recording session, the album packs a needed punch. However, the band is tastefully restrained, opting for more of a craftsmanship approach to their retro rock. One can imagine Kyle Lacy and his band cutting rugs in a mid-tier ballroom while JD McPherson would have been burning up a dancehall on the far side of town. Equally fun, equally talented, just a little bit smoother. That being said, I have no doubt that as the band matures they'll bring even more intensity to the table, maybe even popping a string or two in the process.

Kyle Lacy and the Harlem River Noise -- Official, Facebook, Purchase on Amazon, Bandcamp (full album forthcoming as of this writing)

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