Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lizzo -- Coconut Oil

It's my birthday so let's celebrate! If you haven't heard Lizzo's Coconut Oil EP (and there's a chance you haven't), get off your ass and do it now. NPR has heaped praise on Lizzo's exuberant and joyful performances, but I truly fell in love with Lizzo and the album after hearing her interview on Another Round (if you're a podcast person, you definitely want to add that one to your subscriptions. The link is to the WNYC page but it's a Buzzfeed production.) I was overwhelmed by Lizzo's self-confidence and joy in life. Coconut Oil reflects that confidence and is infectious. You can't be sad after these six tracks. It's just not allowed.

The EP is peppered with humor, such as "Phone," a dialog between several people as the narrator drunkenly searches for her phone at the end of a long night. "Scuse Me" will leave you smiling and will give you a boost the next time you're in the mirror. The breakout single, "Good As Hell," of course, is one of my favorite songs anywhere hands down. I have the office to myself today and am alternating between typing this and playing air drums. (I look super cool.) When I'm sad my old standbys are Two Cow Garage and Karen and the Sorrows -- yannow, music that matches my mind. But I think I'm going to have to rethink that. Maybe if I listen to Lizzo's music long enough, I'll begin to internalize the aural sunshine -- a process I will thoroughly enjoy.

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