Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Music Roundup!

1. I'm not entirely sure what's going on in Elisa's "Då Vieåsen Var Verda" because it's entirely in Norwegian and I don't have any info on the band. But it's certainly a fun song to listen to.

2. Marijuana Sweet Tooth's "Last Thought" revels in what the band calls "reefer sadness." It's a tune that captures that moment in the breakup process when you're just beginning to let go of your ex.

3. Dream Nails is right. Nobody cares if your dick is on fire. Keep it to yourself.

4. Cara Hammond's showstopping "No" calls out rape culture and the ways it operates in many different spaces. See Dream Nails.

5. "In the Fog" by Esther S is an intriguing blend of ethereal electronic and punk melody. 

6. Richard Krueger's "A Short One on Life" delivers as promised. This is an excellent folk rocker.

7. Mint's "Hypoallergenic" is an energetic paean to crunchy 90s guitars and gang choruses.

8. Kristian Bent's "Song With No Name" is brimming with sincerity.

9. "Leaving Is Easy" by the NYC-based A Valley Son proves that Southern rock isn't dead.

10. Kellen of Troy's "Purple Tongue" employs pedal steel licks (haha) to great effect.

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