Thursday, August 10, 2017

Music Roundup!

1. Rich Krueger's "In Between Kingfish" is a heartfelt ballad. If you caught Tuesday's playlist, it's clear that Krueger is not to be missed.

2. "The Well" by I, Anomaly takes me back (fondly!) to some of the rock acts of the 90s. "The Well" is muscular, demonstrative, and catchy as hell.

3.  Lily Frost's "Witchdoctor" is jazzy and clever. Take a good listen to this one.

4.  23rd Hour is the project of George Paolini and Sherry-Lynn Lee. It seems the album is the culmination of a 23-hour jam session (uh...what?) This song commemorates an afternoon of busking, which sounds lovely.

5. "Breaking Up This Time" sums up a looooooot of conversations I've had lately. Thanks, Whispering Jackie, for shouting this frustration out to the rooftops.

6. Crashing Atlas draws some obvious influences from Paramore, but "Ascend" also reminds me a little of Lydia Loveless.

7. Sandtimer's "Mackerel" brings some homey, folk elements to some modern-day dilemmas.

8. Bret Busch brings a psych-pop feel to his country. "Where I'm Going" is a neat follow-up for the narrator of "Mackerel."

9. Juliana Parker's "The Moon" is endearing enough to melt my cold, broken heart. I challenge you to stay mad while you're listening to it.

10. Charlie Steel sent me a couple of songs that seemed to need a little work. I admire Steel's commitment to his craft by going back...and taking my advice? It was quite humbling. Steel's lyrics are sharp, so I wanted to acknowledge him by giving him some space on the blog.

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