Thursday, August 17, 2017

Music Roundup!

1. Kid Davis and the Bullets starts off with the rockabilly scorcher "Wanted Man."

2. Lydia Rose's "Cold" brings gently weeping guitars to a shimmering folk pop confection.

3. "Moving Farther Than Before" by Talmont is not the sort of thing you might usually hear on here, but I enjoyed the trip-hop backing music and thought I'd share.

4. Yero's "Let Me On" is the real deal: soulful, warm, and sincere. This is old-time soul at its smoothest.

5. "Upper Hand" by Hadar Baron is reminiscent of the 90s greats: Dar, Liz, Tracy Bonham. Dig into the bass riffs and stay for Baron's triumphant vocals.

6. Sparkplug's "Red Wine Gossip" doesn't need more than one word: "beautiful."

7. The Sleepless Elite's "Both Sides" is far from a commentary on Trump (I heard the song about two months ago) but it certainly illustrates the frustration I feel.

8. "Up" by Ätsch is a soothing yet uplifting instrumental track that needs to be in your earholes.

9. Charles Walker's "All That You Need" is a gently soothing song about reconciliation.

10. Aayushi's "Prosaic Tales" You need to read the lyrics for this one on the Bandcamp page. It's an amazingly powerful set of lyrics that undergirds the gossamer structure of the song.

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