Sunday, August 27, 2017

Music Roundup!

I get most of the songs for these playlists from a site called SubmitHub and my queue is...overloaded to say the least. So I'll be posting a playlist every day through the end of September (or until I run out of songs) to cut down on the wait time for many very, very patient artists!

OK -- here goes!

1. Besides Daniel's "Tame the Animal" is a sweet song about celebrating your partner amidst the everyday grind.

2. Similarly, "All Of My Time's Shot Through With Your Love" by Austin McDermott celebrates that happy space of New Relationship Energy.

3. Devon Sproule's "Trees at Your Mom's" brings twang to a jazzy piece about the future. But really, really far into the future.

4. Sakura's "Stale Love," breaking with the theme, captures that moment when it's clear that things have gone on a little too long.

5. Pomona Dream's "Tropicana" is a jazz pop confection that suits the dog days of summer.

6. Take the Black's "Before I Sleep" borrows from Robert Frost, but it's a strong, dreamy composition that'll suck you in and allow you to drift gently.

7. Blue Iris' "Long Way Round" has a fantastic groove to match soulful performances. With one foot in folk and the other in indie rock, "Long Way Round" is irresistible.

8. Juliana Strangelove's "Moscow Heterosexual Blues" is a bluesy rocker that relates the danger of having a naturally deep voice like hers in Russia. (Though I'd say it might be more accurately titled "Moscow Cisgender Blues." 

9. The Ellen Degenerates' have one of the best band names there is and "B-FREE" channels some of the best punk there is into rage against the mundanity of capitalism. (This song is NSFW.)

10.Tim Mattsing's "My Hometown" is a gentle dedication to his small Swedish town.

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