Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Music Roundup!

1. Andrew Whitman's "Things To Come" is a mellow and sincere look at the future.

2. Mark Mathis's "I Will Love You Forever" hits a little close to home, dedicated to Mathis's son as he and his mother went through a difficult divorce.

3. "Kiss With Teeth" by Yardlander is a bouncy but commanding song.

4. The Arcadian Wild doesn't mince words. "The Storm" begins with a punch: "Making a living has a way of killing men." Their gentle folk takes it from there.

5. "I Might Miss You" is a live track off of Meghan Cary's upcoming album Sing Louder. It evokes the poignancy of touring life more honestly than most.

6. Danielle Martin's "The Wanting" straddles the line between bedroom folk and R&B, and damn does she have a voice.

7. DownTown Mystics kick it up a notch with blues swagger and infidelity in "Backdoor."

8. Carter Lou and the Project have a huge sound that you need to hear on "Evil Game."

9. Dan Mills' "Buy a Boat" brings the temperature down with his calm resolve.

10. I don't speak Urdu so I'm not sure what Shehzad Wasa's "Bol-Noori" is about, but bedroom folk punk is my greatest weakness, so enjoy.


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