Friday, August 18, 2017

The Everyday Sinners -- Shakedown

The Everyday Sinners proudly marches in a long and distinguished lineage of British protest music that combine celebration with hard truth. The chug-a-lug of the bass and nimble rhythm guitars throw back to American roadhouses and gospel churches, but the lyrics are staunch reminders to hurl yourself against corruption. Lead singer Jack Cade's gravelly bass ties the exuberance together into a thunderous package. Jack Cade is in fact a stage name, borrowed from a 15th century protest against Henry VI.

In case you haven't noticed, the Everyday Sinners don't fuck around.

The songs borrow heavily from protest music of the 19th century, linking the struggles of our great-great-grandparents against the Industrial Revolution (and capitalism as we know it) to the fight against austerity measures today. They are, after all, two sides of the same coin: corporations and governments in bed together, seeking to squeeze humanity and dignity from the people in the attempt. After the week the US and Spain have had, "Hold On" is an appropriate song, reminding us that there is laughter amid the hopelessness. Shakedown is the album we all need right about now. 

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