Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Town Meeting -- Geography

Short but sweet, Town Meeting's debut EP Geography, Pt. 1 is one of the finest collection of four songs you'll hear this year. While the band indulges in the kinds of foot stomping and gang vocals that are so popular these days, there's an intent and substance that reminds you that this is what the Lumineers want(ed) to be.

A huge part of the band's chemistry is that three of the five members are brothers. While the production values sound quite lavish, the instrumentation is exactly what it needs to be -- neither ornate nor dull. Contemplative songs like "Geography" and the barn burner "New Hampshire" shine with equal glory. Condon's lyrics are literate and will surprise you. Town Meeting has already opened for the likes of Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan and they absolutely belong on those stages. Geography, Pt. 1 proves it.

Town Meeting -- Official, Facebook, iTunes

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