Thursday, September 7, 2017

Exhausted Pipes -- New Dust

Exhausted Pipes brings an intriguing blend of folk pop and Americana grit to their whopper of an album. Clocking in at 14 tracks and roughly an hour, the band covers lots of ground in New Dust. Exhausted Pipes proves its mettle by ranging through raucous murder ballads, love songs replete with the gang vocals that seem to be mandatory these days, and blues crooners. While I'd love to have seen a little more breadth than depth here, the band sells out with their all-in performances on each and every song.

Where New Dust succeeds is that wild energy. Exhausted Pipes plays each song like it's going to their last. The band's got a whole lot of charm that's infections. They know which buttons to push as they weave throughout genres, making it clear that they've done their homework even as they forge ahead to define a modern Americana.

Exhausted Pipes -- Official, Facebook, iTunes

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