Wednesday, September 6, 2017

HVMM -- Talk To Me Like I'm Dead

You look like you could use some gothic Americana nu-metal. Think Murder By Death but, like, really serious and with some guitar slayage. "Lacerate," the first track off the band's new EP, calls to mind the Black Keys tearing through a Cure kick. Talk To Me Like I'm Dead only ratchets things up from there, creating a vortex of emotion that calls to mind Gilbert and Sullivan going through a serious goth phase. The band revels in old-timey affectations on the one hand, like "1924," but by the time we get to "Millie's Going to Town" all bets are off as the band spins flaming webs of looping, distorted majesty. It's not my usual thing but I'm glad I took a tour through HVMM's world. I think you will be, too.

HVMM -- Facebook, Purchase, Soundcloud

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