Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day Music

Hi, everyone.

This isn't a playlist in honor of Labor Day per se (though as a union member, you're welcome for this long weekend!) but it's all damn good.

1. Bel Heir -- "Washed Up" is about youthful disaffection. Or maybe just growing up. But it's definitely killer.

2. Katie Hargrove -- "Be Your Baby" is an exuberant song that captures the excitement of that instant when love turns to lust.

3. Jensen Thorp -- "Oklahoma" is a dirt-road-bouncing song about hometown pride and yearning for something larger.

4. Andrew Whitman -- "Hell or High Water" calls to mind Frank Turner's sincerity and joyfulness.

5. Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon -- "Unforgiven" is co-written by Kilgore and, yes, that Joss Whedon, who discovered her while surfing Kickstarter. It's a forceful song that gets better with each listen. (Just as a side note, I do not approve of Joss Whedon's being a certified creep and no longer support his work, but Kilgore doesn't need to suffer for that.)

6. Tuelo -- "Saint Margaret" is a powerful Afropunk song of redemption and perseverance.

7. Common Ground -- "Brown Eyes" is a deliciously slinky blues number.

8. Essy and the Call -- "Devils Like Us" opens with a killer line (literally) and gets better and better from there.

9. Pop Cautious -- "Foolin' Myself" is an off-kilter song that I feel HARD. To me it relates crippling social anxiety in such a disarming way that you can't help but be in on the joke.

10. George Glew -- "Bury Me" is a powerful blues rock song that'll make you a believer.


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