Monday, September 18, 2017

Lee N. Sage -- Lee N. Sage

The Michigan Woods, where Lee N. Sage (nee Bobby LeSage) wrote his EP makes its presence felt in these four songs. Sage infuses all four songs with a lush guitar stream that fills his sonic spaces. Like sunlight through a forest, the smaller details filter through to create a dense, blues-inspired soundscape.

The songs on the album are remarkably similar -- same strum pattern, and melodic. I'm unsure if this was by design. Based on the lyrics, which portray a man on a quest to understanding, it seems to evoke the cyclical nature of journeys. The overall effect, though, is one of seeing the forest for the trees -- while they might all seem similar, each tree (or song) has a distinct identity that makes up the whole.

Lee N. Sage -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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