Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones -- Better Angels

There is a lot of innovation and stuff in folk music these days but there is always, always, always a need for some straight-from-the-heart and straight-to-the-gut songwriting. Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones know the way to gain an audience is to earn it, one well-penned heartbreak at a time.

Joining labelmates Butcher's Blind, the band churns out earnest bar rock that leans heavily on nostalgia in the best way possible. Kicking off with "Man on a Wire," a Johnny Cash-inflected ballad of tough knocks, Better Angels barrels through Dylan and Springsteen (of course) but Meehan's own voice is the start of the show here. Not just vocally, though it's clear he's logged some serious miles. Meehan's delivery cuts straight to the core of the song, whether he's freewheeling in "Man on a Wire" or cutting himself loose on "Mirabel." Better Angels is the kind of balm we all can use.

Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones -- Official, ReverbNation, Blogger, Bandcamp

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