Thursday, September 7, 2017

Morning Music

1. The Bara Bara Band -- "Plimsoll" is a truly epic, truly British folk song.

2. Lindsay White -- "Surrogate" is a pained song that showcases White's lyricism and vocal performance.

3. Reece Sullivan -- "I Dismissed Your Work" brings to mind a woozy Bob Dylan with significantly more polish.

4. Thomas Casey -- "You Really Don't Know" is a gentle instrumental with gorgeous pedal steel lilting throughout the arrangement.

5. Chasing Lovely -- "Slow Dance" is the perfect song you need to woo someone: a celebration of old-time romancing and gorgeous two-part harmonies.

6. Them Animals -- "Losing Feeling" is the perfect song if you miss when the Black Keys actually played blues rock.

7. Astral Cloud Ashes -- "Moonphase Bloom" is an earnest and fast-paced song that's a little more than pop punk but a little less than electronica. Regardless, you'll get caught up in its sweet urgency.

8. Antonio Lulic -- "False Positive" is an amazing, forthright song about the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes by police in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings in London.

9. Beau Davison Turrentine -- "Hey Ben" is a peaceful, heartfelt song with intricate guitar work and Turrentine's yearning vocals.

10. My Girl My Whiskey & Me -- "Lucy" is a good old bluegrass romp with some updated sensibilities.

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