Sunday, September 10, 2017

Morning Music!

It's always a bit strange to be a New Yorker on 9/11. While for the most part life passes as usual, but it's always a stark reminder that what's normal now really wasn't not so long ago. But this playlist is full of life and celebration, and that's the best we can do.

1. Max Davis -- "Blood Love" is a strange, quirky song that brings to mind Vampire Weekend and, well, vampires.

2. Liv Slingerland -- "Come Back To Me" is a raucous, blues-powered rock song done right.

3. Bendigo Fletcher -- "Sleeping Pad" is a sweetly optimistic song that'll make your steps a little lighter today.

4. Flawless Carbon -- "Money Man" combines the best of 90s alt right and the blues to create a muscular, driven song.

5. Juliana Strangelove -- "To Amsterdam" is Strangelove's latest single. I've featured her here before, and Strangelove's unique voice only heightens the intensity of her songs.

6. Hunter As a Horse -- "Chasing Summers" is the perfect song for these crisp autumn days, a gentle folk song that swells into something more.

7. Fort Lean -- "Face Down" sports a bad-ass groove and fierce vocals.

8. Hillside Spirit Revival -- "Back to Love" is a reminder of the most important lessons we learn as children, a necessary song these days.

9. Jane Laws -- "Secrets of a Bass Player" intrigued me, as a fellow bass player. This breathy song straddles the border between folk and jazz and tells an intoxicating story as old as the hills.

10. Western Jaguar -- "Lake Placid" is a moody, atmospheric song that blends punk and dance music that blunts heartache even as Western Jaguar lets it all bleed out.

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