Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Morning Music!

1. Ajay Srivastav -- "Between the Cracks" is an intrepid journey to the spaces between folk, blues, psychedelica, and traditional Indian music that hits all the right notes.

2. A Valley Son -- "The World, It Moves" is a Southern rock ballad with plenty of heart and a lot of brains.

3. The Burning Glass -- "Startled by Stars" is an exuberant, rollicking tune that reminds us of the finer, and simpler, things in life.

4. Sylvia Black feat. Jaleel Shaw -- "Walking With Fire" is a clever and masterful homage to Twin Peaks and its bizarre, slinky music.

5. Luke Rathborne -- "Don't Call Me Baby" is evocative of a downcast Beatles as it relates the disappointments of youth.

6. Cecilia Ebba -- "Breath Out Breath In" is an ethereal journey into Ebba's subconscious, centered upon a recurring dream of seeking shelter beneath the waves.

7. Hanouneh -- "Cheap Regrets" is a bouncy, soul-inflected song that eschews self-help culture.

8. Matthew Barton -- "Engagement Is a Sickness" resonates with me, a bitter late-twenty-something singleton as most of my friends are married or well on their way to it. Humbug. Love is dead.

9. DAWNINGS -- "Activate It" is my kryptonite -- mysterious female vocals supported by a bassline you can sink your teeth into. The theme of owning oneself and living to the fullest appeals to me a heckuvalot, too.

10. ian terry -- "cut" is a shot of low-fi excellence, beautifully highlighting terry's vulnerable vocals and careful guitar work.

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