Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Morning Music!

1. The Town Council -- "Lie Awake" doesn't sound anything like Two Cow Garage, but something about the voice and the gruff honesty of the song calls my favorite guitar slingers to mind.

2. Monica Riskey -- "Gluten Free" is a song I deeply identify with as a gluten-intolerant human. I, too, would put up with days of bloating and indigestion if it meant getting to know a cute girl better.

3. Arpeggi -- "Get a Little Lonely" is my theme song of the day. It's okay. I'm fine.

4. Gerald Gabriel -- "Dance in the Rain" is a song you didn't know you needed. Full of Heartland Rock heart and even a little bit of wisdom, Gabriel's exuberance will be the cure for what ails you.

5. First Blush -- "Before & After" isn't my usual thing but I was taken in by ethereal backing and earnest singing.

6. She Returns From War -- "Fruit of the Night" has some gorgeous imagery in it that has to be listened to to believe.

7. Single Girl, Married Girl -- "Spark" shows off some fancy harmonizing, proving the central premise of the song false: clearly, this band has nothing to worry about it when it comes to making a name in music.

8. Wieuca -- "Building a Shrine" is like if Carbon Leaf and American Aquarium had a baby -- lyrical and intricate music that supports hard-hitting, honest lyrics.

9. LOUIZA -- "Party Trick" is an angular song that brings to mind Mount Moriah and Blondie.

10. Hell Kite -- "Just Got Back" has a strong thrust and a melody that's easy to take a deep dive into.

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