Monday, September 18, 2017

Morning Music!

So few of the songs I wanted to share today were available on Spotify, I decided to embed all ten of 'em as Soundcloud files.

1. Henry Black -- "Weeping Willow" is a strident tune that turns one of life's greatest quests into something appropriately epic.

2.  Jax Street -- "A Place Just For Us" was a song that came at just the right time for me.

3. The Tokes -- "No Sir(dropout)" is an exuberant song that brings back the joyousness and mess of 70s Brit rock.

4. Fan Fiqtion -- "Give Me Color" celebrates the little things in life.

5. Vile Bodies -- "Dream Girl" is a fun romp through folk music and 70s pop rock.

6. Megaweapon. -- "Behind Glass Walls" is a fuzzed out, 90s-tastic endictment of cyberbullying. (But trust me on this one, it's amazing.)

7. ian terry -- "tracks" is terry's second song here on Adobe & Teardrops. It's a much bigger sound and showcases terry's flare for the dramatic.

8. Of Jones -- "Atropa Belladona" is named for the nightshade plant. The band's new album, Herbariaum is a concept album that pulls in all kinds of plant lore. Here, the singer learns firsthand about all the kinds of poisons there are out there.

9. Eli Winter -- "Take No Notice" is a gorgeous, skillfully wrought instrumental guitar piece.

10. Vermicious Kind -- "Warmer Weather" is my greatest weakness: a yearning pop punk song about a breakup. I don't understand what draws me to this specific subgenre, but I fully embrace it.

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