Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nightcap Playlist!

Oh man. Today was a day. It's about a week into class so this is when all the drama starts. I could definitely use some chillaxed songs to wind me down (and if you're listening in the morning, to get transition into the day.)

1. Candy Cigarettes -- "Stockholm" is a sweet but sinister acoustic pop song that hearkens to the Beach Boys.

2. JR Green -- "Technicolour Narrative" is a gentle but powerful declaration of love.

3. Madeleine Kelson -- "Addicted" features gorgeous mandolin work and Kelson's destined-for-the-spotlight vocals.

4. Liv Slingerland -- "Hold On To" is an exuberant, 10,000%-committed performance by Slingerland and her band.

5. Genevieve Dawson -- "I Am on Something" encapsulates that strange push-pull, manic-depressive tension in a relationship as it nears its in.

6. Brandin Reed -- "Best Things in Life" is a gentle reminder to take stock of the good things, even when you're at your worst.

7. BATTS -- "Little White Lies" is dreamy and mesmerizing, calling to mind late 90s alt-rockers like Mazzy Star.

8. Slotface -- "Pitted" is the newest single from an awesome punk band I featured a few weeks back. "Pitted" is about those nights out that take a turn for the...unexpected.

9. Dan Rico -- "Anyway You Want Me" brings a modern twist to the 50s rave-up. Rico's got a Buddy Holly-esque posture, sweet and self-deprecating but with a punk rock snarl embedded in his coos.

10. Mercyfox -- "Dead White Doves" is a spunky cut that puts some life into a Cure-like (but lively) take on heartbreak.

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