Sunday, October 1, 2017

Morning Music!

1. EHM Sky Patrol -- "Pulling Around Moons" is a gentle Southern waltz that is equal parts dreamy and romantic.

2. Matt Tarka -- "Time Travels" is a jangly Southern rock number that calls to mind both REM and Against Me!.

3. Lauren Ruth Ward -- "Well, Hell" marks the triumphant lead-off single of the songslinger's debut album. Lauren Ruth Ward is no stranger to these parts and "Well, Hell" is a spitfire indictment of social conservatism.

4. Youngsmith -- "Hell Keeps Me Runnin'" is expansive blues rock of the best kind.

5. Nichole Wagner -- "Pennies" is a train song that, Wagner notes, is "honestly come by," due to Wagner's proximity to railroad tracks growing up. The lyrics and old-school country beat are real honest, too. 

6. Morgan Cameron Ross -- "I Won't Live Until I Die" captures the moment Ross realized he had sold out to the glitz and glamor of easy rock'n'roll money. Here, Ross recaptures his integrity.

7.Nick Schott -- "Shadows of Fire" is a frenetic number that damns performative masculinity while asking you to dance. What else do you need?

8. Party of the Sun -- "Heart Like Gold" is a gentle, steel guitar-heavy song that feels like the deep gold sunlight of late summer and early autumn.

9. Weatherboy -- "A Bright Flame"is the epic orchestral pop song you didn't know you needed to brighten your day.

10. Blonde Wolf -- "Let It Go" is a rough-around-the-edges cut of a song that Blonde Wolf has labored over. But I get the sense while listening to it that this is what the song needed to be: a little raw in order to communicate the vulnerability required when admitting that you are, in fact, not perfect.

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