Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jackie Venson -- Transcends

Jackie Venson has been hitting the road and shredding it up for quite some time. Venson's songs have a gentle charm that is accented by her face-melting blues solos. While each of Venson's successive recordings has highlighted her guitar work, Transcends shows Venson coming into her own as a songwriter.

Each song on here has a distinct personality. What I appreciate is that the songs stray into pop and avant-R&B territory, yet it all comes of a piece. "Fast" is a more straightforward blues rocker, whereas "Mysterious" is a tightly curated piece. "Fight" takes on some disco qualities. The album's closer and title track ties the genres together to its fundamental core: transformative and affirming music that relies on rock-solid grooves and is buttressed by guitar fireworks. I love the growth in Venson's confidence that is so visible in each album. She's going to go some exciting places musically, so you better got on the train now.

Jackie Venson -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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