Monday, October 2, 2017

Madison Lewis -- Back to the Blue

Madison Lewis's artist's bio says pretty prominently that she's only 14 years ago. After listening to a few seconds of the album, I wrote back to her PR person and said something like, "Shut up. You're lying."

Lewis' alto has an impressive power and it's gravelly enough to sound as if it's seen more than a few empty packs and the bottom of a red wine bottle (which I mean...hey. You never know.) Her blues-inflected Appalachia certainly plays to her strengths, highlighting a sense of isolation and frustration that doesn't necessarily disappear with age (sorry, Madison.)

Back to the Blue is full of promise. This is the calling card of truly amazing things to come. There are moments both in the singing and songwriting that feel a bit rough, but if this is where Lewis is at by the time she's 14, there's no limit to what she can accomplish with patience and humility.

Madison Lewis -- Official, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes

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