Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Penultimate Playlist

I made the mistake of queuing up song after song for these playlists and it caught up with me really quickly. This is the tail end of the queue and I don't plan on doing any more playlists for a while. Once a few more musicians get their ass..ets...together I'll post those as truly the final playlist. I'd rather write longform reviews about albums I love! The playlists let me listen to and share music that doesn't necessarily fall under the Adobe & Teardrops umbrella, but it just got to be too much to balance. These songs are fantastic, so please enjoy!

1. The Locksmiths -- "O My Brother" is a driving bluegrass-inflected tune that offers a truly stirring vocal performance. This is the kind of stuff that gives old-timey folk a good name.

2. Axsem Dlean -- "Serenity"'s acoustic pop is tricky. The abrupt tempo changes and fluid guitar work create an intricate song.

3.The High Crook -- "Baby Do You Know" recalls the dreamy Brit rock of the 70s and the angsty Brit punk of the 80s.

6.  George Glew -- "Me And My Brother" sees Glew, whose blistering blues has been featured here before, take a stab at soul. What isn't the guy good at?

7. The Minerals -- "Road to Ruin" is just a great, driving song. Also, I love the Welsh accents on full force here.

8. The Sunshine Dreamers -- "Nothing Left to See" manages to feel warm and organic even as the electronic elements subtly percolate to the surface.

9. Carousel -- "Show" is perfect for people who love songs in G with distorted guitars and exuberant melodies about searching for love. No? Just me? What the hell?

10. MrGman -- "Old Town" is a charming bedroom song full of the neuroses and angst I hold so dear. Also it seems to be about how much Chicago sucks, which I can 100% get behind. Fight me.

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