Friday, October 13, 2017

The Duke of Surl -- Ham Radio

We can't build time machines, but sometimes a band does such a good job of hitting the nail on the head that it's just as good. The Duke of Surl does just that -- enthusiastically and confidently transporting us back to a time when rock'n'roll was played at beach parties and garages. The music bops along with Ramones-like vigor while capturing the combustion of suburban angst and exuberant dance grooves that could only come from a special moment in time.

But I want to be clear: this album is anything but kitschy. I think a lot of projects commit to a specific genre or time period and it sounds forced. It's an explicit choice and the band wants you to know it. That's not the case here. The Duke of Surl's scrappiness and morbid fascinations come hand in hand with the music that's being used to deliver it. The Duke himself, Will Brown, lives in Milan but is touring stateside (as of yesterday!) When I listen to the album, it reminds me of the thrill and crispness of the first time I heard the Stones. Here are the dates:

The Duke of Surl -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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