Monday, October 23, 2017

The Final Playlist (For Now)

In an effort to focus more on longform posts, this'll be the last playlist for the time being. Thanks for following along!

Granz -- "Winter Street" hits too many sweet spots to resist. This is just a great acoustic pop confection with a heavy debt to the 90s.

Casey Wickstrom -- "Desperate Times" is an intense blues instrumental that'll have the desired effect -- you won't help looking over your shoulder while you're listening.

Run Rivers -- "Lost Love" has a pop sheen but its lyrics and vocals are heartfelt -- a soothing balm to anyone who's lost someone recently.

Liz Bills -- "Werewolf" is a pop folk song about being a werewolf. You know what? Why not? It's begging for placement in a CW show, and that's totally fine with me.

Bradley Palermo -- "2nd Wind" starts with a killer first verse and ramps up from there. Palermo's no stranger to these parts and I'm more than happy to have him back.

Robb Westlund -- "Don't stand in the way of the lonely" is just one of those times when banging on a guitar is better than feeling whatever it is you're feeling.

Karla Kane -- "The Lilac Line" is the lead single in what Kane refers to as a "pagan pop" album. This song is so gormlessly charming that I can't help but fall in love.

Evan Moynihan -- "Traveled Road" marks Moynihan's second go-round here. It's clear Moynihan's clear-eyed, charming songs are going to take him places.

Blind Tigers -- "Demolition Blues" combines my two greatest passions: distorted guitars and protesting the urban blight that is urban "renewal."

Beev Rations -- "Why don't you?" closes us out with some classic rock'n'roll and unrequited love -- the best combination since peanut butter and jelly.

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  1. Great stuff there! Diverse and also select. Fine blog and team.