Thursday, November 16, 2017

Aaron Burdett -- Refuge

Sometimes, when I'm really bored, I tune in to New York's mainstream country radio station. (But also...we have a country radio station? I blame all you gentrifying transplants.) I have to say I don't hate what I hear; I just know that it could be so much better. It resembles so much of the music I do adore, yet there's a core that I struggle to define. Maybe it's the fact that a song written by committee is rarely going to make the same impact as a person or two with an authentic vision. Whatever it is, Aaron Burdett's got it in spades. Refuge has that spark that mainstream country is missing right now: catchy, accessible songs that have a genuine weight to them.

Burdett comes by his songs honestly. Having worked across the country in construction, farming, and ranching, Burdett did the opposite of what many of his peers did. Having established a life and lived experiences, Burdett turned to music full-time only recently. I'm glad he found his way to a bigger stage eventually; the man's got a voice that feels like the ur-country music voice. It's only matched by his pen, which delivers wisdom, strength, and empathy without ever seeming hokey.

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  1. I had the extreme pleasure of catching him and his band live in Denver this summer while in town for business without having any knowledge of who they were. It was a perfect experience of musianship and dancing delight for everyone there! I’m now a lifelong fan of the man and his music.

  2. Thanks for reading! I hope he makes it to New York soon!