Friday, November 24, 2017

Ryan O'Dowd -- I Hope You're Living By the Coast

Sad boys with guitars never gets old. What O'Dowd brings to the table is a dense verbiage and wall-of-sound strum that cuts to the heart of things. O'Dowd's gravely voice tells of punk concerts shout-sung in the not too distant past. But, the songs suggest, he's a little older if not wiser. "The Martyr," one of my favorites on this EP, contemplates the possible folly of following the itinerant lifestyle of an artist and defiantly declares why, at least for O'Dowd, it's the right choice for him.

Ultimately this EP has all the right ingredients (for me): a straightforward, sincere approach to songwriting with some powerful hooks to boot.

Ryan O'Dowd -- Soundcloud

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