Monday, November 27, 2017

Shark Dad -- Almost, Pink

First of all, I'd like to thank Shark Dad for their gracious patience. They first contacted me in June and I'm writing this the day after Thanksgiving. I also want to apologize to you all for not telling you about Almost, Pink sooner. "Sad Wonder Woman..." proclaims a character the "Queen of the 90s" and that's pretty much the gist of this album. Shark Dad sounds like if Red Hot Chili Peppers smoked a bunch of weed instead of doing heroin. The songs have a burning sincerity that pairs well with their acidic sense of humor. Add that to churning basslines with some mean hooks and you have a band that approaches their 90s nostalgia with a measured and clear-eyed understanding of all that was excellent and terrible about that decade.

This is most obvious in "Boyd Where Prohibited," a beautiful ode to teenage love and the way that heartbreak can resonate decades later. The song that caught my heart, "(Don't Go) Jason Waterfalls," combines some of my favorite things: a weird pun, chunky guitars, and a fierce determination to follow the path in front of you no matter what. In Almost, Pink Shark Dad does in five short songs what so many artists spend a lifetime trying to capture: a genuine range of emotions that any listener can instantly connect to while bobbing their head.

Shark Dad -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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