Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tina & Her Pony -- Champion

Tina & Her Pony deliver a gentle folk music that inexorably swells into a powerful wave. The Asheville, NC-based duet could draw easy and favorable comparisons to The Indigo Girls. Like their forebears, Tina & Her Pony's harmonies are deep in the pocket; it's hard to imagine either Tina Collins or Quetzal Jordan singing on their own. The songs themselves carry a gentle wisdom that invigorates the listener. On Champion, their second full-length album, they've hit a good stride.

But there's nothing poppy here. Tina & Her Pony truly commit to a kind of chamber folk that feels as timeless as it does timely. The main tip-off that these songs are modern is that they deal with a perceptive interiority that older music does not. "Back In Your Life" illustrates that poignantly:

Please, please, please let me back in your life, it feels so good to hear about your wife
I don’t care if I cannot be with you, I just want us to be something
so I know it wasn’t all for nothing
thank you for the opportunity to heal this rift between you and me  

Champion is imbued with a warm and forgiving spirit, an understanding that people want to love and be loved and for that to happen, we need to be kind to each other. Rock and roll might not save the world, but it can sure remind us of the steps we need to take to get there.

Tina & Her Pony -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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