Friday, December 15, 2017

David Stone -- Alright

David Stone hits a remarkable balance. Maybe I'll draw it up one of these days, but for me when I consider a song (or album) for the blog, there's a sweet spot somewhere between country, folk, punk, and indie rock that really does it for me. If a song goes too far into one quadrant I generally don't write about it. Alright is the exact 0-axis in that graph.

Stone's songs are carefully written and could easily stand alone as poetry. The fact that he can accompany them with strong melodies that lend themselves to sing-alongs, a voice just this side of gravelly, and delicate guitar work when the occasion calls for it makes Stone a quadruple-threat. He also has the added distinction of one of my favorite love songs, hands-down, "Alright," which I featured on a playlist over the summer. It stands up to repeated listens, for sure. Overall, Alright isn't afraid to confront some of the world's emptiest feelings or the fullest with sincerity and warmth. It's a beautiful collection of songs and will be re-released on February 2nd on iTunes and Spotify. You can preorder the re-release now, or just buy it from Bandcamp.

David Stone -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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