Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thigh High Tye Dye -- T.H.T.D EP

Nashville might not be the most likely place to find a surf rock band, but I hear Nashville's different now. Maybe they even have a beach? Even if they don't, Thigh High Tye Dye will help you find some sun and relaxation, even in the heart of winter -- whether or not you're landlocked. This 5-song collection features winsome regret and muddy guitar riffs, creating a charming and winsome EP.

For me, the EP really has more of a punk edge. There's just too much bluntness and interiority for it to be a simple party rock album. Even as the songs deal with the desperate urgency of youth, breakups, and depression, with an upbeat tempo that we've grown accustomed to, there's a bit of an aggressive edge that makes these songs resilient rather than ephemeral. This feels most true of "Blue Ridge Mountains," where the narrator realizes that a sense of place is not necessarily the same as a sense of belonging. There's only five songs here, but they sure pack a punch.

Thigh High Tye Dye -- Facebook, Purchase cassette (!!!) from Seanagon Records

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