Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sundaes -- "Love"

I had to share this song. I've never heard anyone sing "This is how you fuck me" as sweetly, endearingly, and vulnerably as the Nashville-based rock band Sundaes. Suffice to say, wear headphones when you listen to this one. Not just for the sake of office decorum -- Sundaes construct a detailed pop soundscape that cuts to the core of the sweetness and fragility of love. (Not to mention the physicality and adventurousness of what I'm assuming is queer sex.) None of this should happen in a slacker rock song, but Sundaes has pulled off a rare feat. This is the first off the band's upcoming EP Love. Keep your eyes peeled or follow the band using the links below.

Sundaes -- Official, Facebook, Soundcloud

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