Monday, January 8, 2018

The Future of Adobe & Teardrops

Starting in February (with the first few episodes to be recorded in January), Rachel Cholst of  
Adobe & Teardrops and Von Cloedt of The Americana Rock Mix are teaming up to deliver a weekly 
 podcast in an All Songs Considered-style format (but with 100% more estrogen.)

Why the change?

Because, hopefully, this’ll be faster in terms of Rachel’s turnaround time (10 artists/week instead of 
maybe 5 if Rachel gets on a good roll with writing) and Von misses telling people about all the great 
overlooked music that keeps coming out, and now he gets to divvy up some of the labor.

But will there be written reviews?

Yes! Rachel plans to feature at least one album a week! This way she can write about albums she loves 
and share music she also likes but doesn’t have much to say about. And if there’s more than one album 
she can’t wait to write about per week, then she’ll feature that one, too!

OK so how do I send you music?

Just keep sending the music to Rachel via SubmitHub or Von ( Feel free to send
it to both of us; what strikes one of us might not tickle the other’s fancy.

Thank you all so much for your support! (And, of course, you can support the podcast and blog by 
subscribing to our Patreon or dropping a tip in our Ko-fi cup!) Have a happy and healthy 2018!

- Rachel and Von  

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