Thursday, February 15, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 3

Rachel and Von return to discuss aging, dental health, snakes on a seat, and how sometimes it’s not great to say yes to everything. Also, some excellent tunes.

1. Good Graces, “The First Girl”, Hummingbird 
2. Molly Parden - “Sail On The Water”
3. Jesus and His Judgemental Father, “Not My First Rodeo,” It Might Get Better 
4. JJ Woolbright & The Whiskey Road - “Rebecca,” Raising The Dead
5. Crys Matthews -- “We Must Be Free”, Battle Hymn For an Army of Lovers
6. Flood County, “That Old Famous Smile”, We’ll Be Fine
7. Quiet Hollers - “Funny Ways,” Amen Breaks
8. Eric Peter Schwartz, “Weight of the Girl,” Highway 45
9. Seth Glier - “Water On Fire,” Birds
10. Josh Warren, “Endless Memory”, Josh Warren and the Family Band

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(Also, this is the blog's 1200th post!)

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