Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Flood County -- We'll Be Fine

Things are a bit stressful right now, but Flood County will slow you down. These songs aren't happy by any means -- it's a classic country album, why would you think otherwise? But the mellow harmonies of Stewart Peck and Kate Meier-Peck, coupled with a beautifully recorded string section and lyrical pedal steel, call to mind the album's title. No matter what happens, things will turn out okay. Perhaps.

Flood Country brings their compassionate fatalism to songs like "World Come Undone":

it's the same old song
i sing about you
my arms ain't long enough
to wrap around you

it's all gone wrong
in a world come undone

find a hole and crawl inside
bring along some brandywine
to keep you warm 

And while you might feel you need to buckle in for this album, the warmth of the songs make the bitter medicine go down excessively easy. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for some sly humor, like we see on "Easter Monday":

after jesus died up on the cross
he turned around and took sunday off
met some friends and just headed home
sometime a man would rather be alone

monday morning finally rolls around
still in bed around a quarter to twelve
crown of thorns still laying on the floor
don’t seem so special to him any more

If you've been yearning for some truly classic country songs, Flood County are an important entrant into your collection. The lyrics read like poetry and are delivered with intimacy and -- that unicorn -- genuine emotion. Not only do you feel like Flood County has been down there with you, you'll feel you can find a stranger and waltz along.

Flood County -- Official, Bandcamp

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