Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jeremy Pinnell -- Ties of Blood and Affection

Nashville is busy bestowing well-deserved crowns on Jason, Chris, and (sort of) Sturgill for pushing all the right envelopes and expanding country music to places it hasn't yet gone. But country is a big tent and somebody needs to hold down the "traditional outlaw" pole. Enter Jeremy Pinnell, whose outstanding OH/KY cemented his mournful outlaw status. Ties of Blood and Affection sees Pinnell on an upswing: if your parties are the kind that welcome steel guitar and (rightfully) self-satisfied two-steps, this is your party album.

This past weekend I had a reunion of sorts with coworkers from a previous gig. It was a lot of fun and this album would have fit the mood perfectly. Certainly a few moments of reflection (on my part), but overall sense that we got through some truly difficult times together. And, now that we've had some space from it, we can laugh at how truly ridiculous our circumstances were. Similarly, Ties of Blood celebrates love and the creation of a new family while acknowledging the difficult times in the past and the ones that will almost certainly come. But for now, it's good to celebrate what's in front of us while the times are good, even if they're a different kind of good time than the ones in our reckless youths.

Jeremy Pinnell -- Official, Facebook, Purchase from Sofaburn Records

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