Friday, February 9, 2018

The Good Graces -- The Hummingbird EP

Over the summer, Kim Ware's revolving band the Good Graces released a rocket of an album with Set Your Sights, a breezy romp through 90s college rock, folk, and roots rock. By contrast, The Hummingbird EP sounds like it was recorded in autumn. The four-song collection finds Ware in a more contemplative place. The songs are just as expertly crafted, but there's an urgent earnestness to them that tugs at your attention.

"The First Girl" is a catchy confessional disclosing the insecurities of new beginnings. "X My <3" turns towards a more experimental frame that recalls 90s post-punk. "(I Should Probably Write a Happy Song" has a whimsical, jotted-down-at-the-kitchen-counter feel that showcases Ware's quiet wit. "Waiting" closes the collection with a country-tinged yearning that reminds us that we never quite outgrow our awkward youths.

The Good Graces -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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