Thursday, March 15, 2018

Adobe and Teardrops: Episode 7

This week’s episode has a bit of an international flair, from Von and Rachel trying to figure out how to pronounce everyone’s names to an immersive discussion of troll rock. (Don’t worry -- we didn’t play any Norwegian folk metal...this time.) Also some solid throwbacks to the 90s and a shoutout to the teachers of West Virginia!

Matt Woods, “A Company Town” (Matt Woods Manifesto)
The Oh Hellos - “A Convocation of Fauns (A Faunvocation, If You Will)” > “Hieroglyphs” (Eurus)
Louis Apollon, “Looking For You” (Free To Be)
Salty Pajamas - “As It Was” (As It Was)
American Forrest - “Pastures of Plenty” (Ol’ Yonder)
Strand Of Oaks - “Dream Brother”
Jodee Lewis, “Buzzard’s Bluff” (Buzzard’s Bluff)
Roadkill Ghost Choir - “Classics (Die Young)”
Maiah Wynne, “Ballad of Lefty Brown”
Tracy Bonham - “Every Breath (feat. Kay Hanley)”

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  1. Thank you for featuring my song and my story! I do have chutzpah! - Maiah Wynne