Friday, April 27, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 13

Von and Rachel get lost in the weeds with gardening, the books we’re reading, hipster comic book fandom, sweet potatoes, meeting the parents and...oh yeah -- here’s some music!

Pat Benatar, “We Belong”
Suburban Dirts - “Lost And Losing (Feat. Siobhan Parr)”
Alice Bag, “Turn It Up” AND “Stranger” (Blueprint)
River Bones Band - “Boss Makes A Dollar (I Make A Dime)” AND “Cold Rain & Snow” (Billy In The High Ground)
Izzy Heltai “Not Eden” AND “Anyone to Anybody” (Sweet Apathy)
Analogue Spirit - “Breeze”
Belle Miners, “Fall In Love With Me” (Powerful Owl)
Ben Harper And Charlie Musselwhite - “Movin’ On” (No Mercy In this Land)
Delta Jackson, “It Comes Down” AND “Rise and Fall” (Delta Jackson)
Andrew Sheppard - “Take A Walk With Me” AND “Lies As Cheap As Whiskey” (Steady Your Aim)
Sabiyha “Bird” (Hollow Bones)

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