Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Delta Jackson -- Delta Jackson

When you have a voice like Delta Jackson's, I'm not sure if you have any choice but to become a singer. Jackson's debut EP showcases her range, suggesting that Jackson refuses to be neatly categorized into a sultry songstress or cheeky rebel.

Jackson's got a depth to her voice that calls to mind Carol King. Listening to her, you get the sense that in spite of all she's seen, she continues to see the beauty around her. The album's kickoff track, "Willin," paints Jackson has a down-for-anything troubadour, but the four tracks that follow suggest that there is indeed a price to pay for all of that fun. Jackson leads us through breakups and existential self-reflection in ballads with deliveries that are clearly inspired by Brandi Carlile. The album's closer, "It Comes Down," reaches beyond individual experience and paints some sly social commentary.

Delta Jackson -- Official, Facebook

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