Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Izzy Heltai -- Sweet Apathy

Do you need some gentle misanthropism in your life? Obviously you do -- you read this blog, don't you? Izzy Heltai is only too happy to fill that need for you. Sweet Apathy is one of the more apt album titles I've seen. Within the album, Heltai constructs a hazy but critical worldview that, ultimately, is quite comforting. Nostalgia, heartbreak, and ending relationships support the band's artisinal approach to music making.

These songs feel designed for drunken sing-alongs in small local venues. But even as you fall into step with Heltai's melodies, you'll catch a little mandolin trill here or a well-placed drum fill there. These songs take a lot of cues from three chords and the truth, but there's a lot of tasteful ornamentation laid atop sturdy structures. If you feel like you need your heart almost broken, only to be carefully held together, Sweet Apathy is the album for you.

Izzy Heltai -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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