Monday, April 23, 2018

Prison Book Club -- Prison Book Club

If you're a fan of Tyler Childers, you've probably heard some of Prison Book Club's songs. Childers has been covering the West Virginia country rockers on tour. The renewed interest lead to the re-release of the band's 2011 album, and they recently struck out on tour to support it. If you're a fan of this blog, you've also heard Tucker Riggleman's work in the past. I've featured Tucker Riggleman's other projects here before. (He also played a gig with Karen and the Sorrows over the summer, for everyone keeping score at home.) While all three bands vary widely, as have Tucker's roles in them, all three of a frenetic but inescapable energy. This is music from the gut.

Prison Book Club is also a great listen because it predates the ubiquity of Americana music. This is an album made by people who had absolutely zero intention of making something commercially viable. (Which, in my opinion, is not the same thing as someone who wants to at least break even.) Like the best country punk, the songs are carefully worded epics of dysfunction with enough bluster to futilely push back against the world. If, like me, you missed Prison Book Club the first time around, you've now got a shot at discovering a truly kick-ass album. Who says there are no second chances in life?

Prison Book Club -- Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify

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