Wednesday, April 18, 2018

VIDEO: Rotana -- "In The Morning"

I don't generally indulge in it but Scandinavian-style pop is my guilty pleasure. "In the Morning" has a beautiful blend of acoustic guitars and those soaring melodies that make my ears smile. "In The Morning" is one of a series of demos recorded the day the song was written. Rotana writes that she wanted to record these demos to assert her freedom: The demo love series is a collection of 5 love songs I wrote over the course the last year and a half. Yes, the topic is love. But this series is actually about something bigger. This series is about freedom. ...These songs are all demos that were cut the day the song was written. No mix no master, no recutting vocals... there’s a freedom in that too..."

Art direction: Deema Alansari

Animation: Jordan Brown

To learn more about Rotana, follow her on Instagram and Spotify.

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