Friday, June 22, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 20

Happy Pride! It’s our Pride episode! Von and Rachel get into hard-hitting subjects like chic circuses; the politics of Pride parades, navigating pronouns, and street harassment.
We mentioned a couple of resources -- here’s where you can find them:
Mal Blum article --
Queery episode link -- https://
Buy Rachel’s book --

Erin Rae, “Bad Mind” (Putting on Airs)
AW - “I Was An Island” AND “Nothing Left” (Say What You Mean)
Brandi Carlile, “Harder to Forgive” AND “The Joke” (By The Way, I Forgive You)
Chris Pureka - “Silent Movie” (Back In The Ring)
Ryan Cassata, “Daughter” (June -- link on SubmitHub)
Pigeon Pit - “Tall Black Trees” AND “Freak Me Out” (Shut In)
Sonia Tetlow, “Hook, Line” (Own Way Home) AND “Still Searching” (Herman Put Down the Gun)
Worriers - “Gaslighter” AND “What We’re Up Against” (Survival Pop)
Man of the Minch, “Ordinary” AND “Wasting Time” (Helping Hands)
Justin Hiltner And Jon Weisberger - “Watch It Burn” (Watch It Burn)

INTERVIEW with Sam Gleaves, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer featuring songs from their new album, Shout and Shine:

“Shout and Shine”
“If the Poor Don’t Matter”
“Closer to the Light”
“Hot Pink House Trailer”
“Welcome Table”

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