Thursday, July 5, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 22

Von discusses his star turn in Rocky Mountain Fast Guy. Rachel laughed too loud during Hearts Beat Loud. Oops. Also, we take a deep dive into Jason Isbell and American Aquarium if you’re curious. Also also, read Rachel’s article about queer country artists in Wide Open Country!

Jesse Davis Rosenthal, “Party Dress" (Party Dress/Old Closure)
The Brothers Comatose - “Already Ready” AND “These Ways” (Ink, Dust And Luck)
Chris Crofton, “Numbers Game” AND “Everywhere You Should Be (Except For in Love)” (Hello It’s Me)
Brent Cowles - “Keep Moving” AND “The Fold” (How To Be Okay Alone)
Riley Moore, “Wandering Man” AND “Sitting on a Boat” (Vagrant)
Jason Isbell - “Whisper” AND “The Assassin” (Sirens Of The Ditch BONUS TRACKS)
Pat Reedy, “Conversation With Jesus” AND “Wedding Ring” (That’s All There Is)
St. Paul And The Broken Bones - “Apollo” (Young Sick Camellia)
Brother Dege, “The Shakedown” (Farmer’s Almanac)
Strange Majik - “Building It Up And Tearing It Down” (Single)

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