Friday, July 13, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 23

Sports, hippies, and luaus. It gets a little weird, but mostly we stick to a raucous blues and punk-filled set!

Lucero - “For The Lonely Ones” AND “Long Way Back Home” (Among The Ghosts)
Jamie Lynn Vessels, “Whiskey Blues” AND “For Kim” (Storm Coming)
Levi Parham - “My Finest Hour” AND “Borderline” (It’s All Good)
Frank Newsome, “Gone Away With a Friend” (Gone Away With a Friend)
The Devil Makes Three - “Paint My Face” (Chains Are Broken)
Ben Bostick, “No Show Blues” AND “Tornado” (Hellfire)
Face To Face - “Keep Your Chin Up” AND “Disconnected” (Hold Fast)
Diali Cisshoko and Kaira Ba, “Alla L’a Ke” (Routes)
Michigan Rattlers - “Just Good Night” (Wasting The Meaning)
Basic Bitches, “How Come None Of You Ever Want To Hang Anymore?” (Single)

You can buy Rachel’s comic here.
You can buy Micah Schnabel’s novel here. His band Two Cow Garage wrote our opening theme!

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