Friday, July 20, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 24

Mouse traps, stalker publicists, bad first we talk too much?
  1. Zena Carlota, “Muzinge” (The Confidence of Birds) (SH)
  2. Broke Down Rodeo - “On To The North” AND “Last Cigarette” (First Rodeo) 
  3. Ric Robertson, “The Fool” AND “Hallelujah, I’m a Dreamer” (The Fool, The Friend) 
  4. Murder By Death - “True Dark” (The Other Shore)
  5. The Breton Sound, “Why Are You Still Here?” AND “Illuminate” (The Breton Sound)
  6. Northern Quarter - “Fort Mac Anthem” AND “Every Second Counts” (Cold Dark Night)
  7. Michelle Mandico, “Water Bearer” AND “Giant Love” (Ptarmigan) 
  8. The Fey - “Contender” AND “The Cool”  (Strawberry Lemonade)
  9. Cowboy Junkies, “Sing Me a Song” AND “Shining Teeth” (All That Reckoning) 
  10. Itto - “Calling Out My Name” (Single)    

You can pick up Rachel's comic Artema here.

And check out Micah Schnabel's novel here!  

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